Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is bathtub refinishing?

Bathtub refinishing is the process of refreshing the surface of a worn out, damaged bathtub and making it look like-new.

How long does refinishing last?

10-15 years. Our company uses only the top quality products.

How much money can I expect to save by refinishing?

The average refinishing job can save you up to 60-80 percent.

How is refinishing done?

There are quite a few steps to the refinishing process. First we clean the area; which means we remove all soap scums and oil that have built up. Then, we repair any chips, cracks, holes, or missing tiles.  After, we mask off all the areas that will not be refinished to ensure a clean and professional job. Then, we apply a bonding agent to the surfaces and a primer. Finally we finish it off with the topcoat.

When doing a tile job, what happens to the grout?

The grout absorbs everything and can eventually grow mold, discolor, and just look plain dirty. When refinishing the tile and grout, it will be sealed with a new coating. It will protect it from getting dirty, growing mold, or discoloration.

How long does the average refinishing job take?

The average refinishing job takes approximately 4 to 5 hours.

How long before the fixtures can be put back to use?

After 24 hours the fixture can be put back to use.

How do I maintain the finish?

Keeping a newly refinished tub or sink is very easy. All is needed is any kind of soap with a soft sponge or a soft cotton towel. We recommend using dishwasher soap. Also make sure not to use anything abrasive and no harsh chemicals


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